―By staying and living in Japan, what kind of impression did you get of Japan? Also, please tell us about anything that was interesting.

Living in Japan for three months gave us a multifaceted impression of the country. We encountered a culture that values tradition, respect, and orderliness, while also being at the forefront of technological innovation and modernity.

We found ourselves immersed in the daily rhythms of Japanese life, from the punctual and efficient public transportation system to the intricacies of Japanese social etiquette. We were struck by the incredible variety of food, art, and entertainment available in Japan, from the pristine temples and gardens to the bustling cityscapes and vibrant subcultures.

Living in Japan also gave us an opportunity to develop deeper relationships with the people we encountered. We found that Japanese people are polite and reserved at first, but warm up quickly to those who take an interest in their culture and way of life.

Overall, living in Japan for three months can provide a rich and varied experience that challenges your assumptions, expands your horizons, and deepens your appreciation for a fascinating and complex country.

―This WEB site is researching “Magokoro” that is difficult to translate into another language. The catchphrase of Sakai Moving Service includes the word “Magokoro” too. What do you think “Magokoro” means to you?

If we breakdown the word “magokoro” directly, we get “真” meaning “pure” and ”心” meaning “heart”.

For us the term “pure heart” is often used to describe a person who is motivated by sincere intentions and a desire to do what is right, rather than by personal gain or ambition. A person with a pure heart is someone who acts with honesty, integrity, and empathy, and who strives to create value for their friends, family or even customers.

Having a pure heart in a business context means prioritizing ethical principles and values over profit or self-interest. This may involve making difficult decisions that are not always popular or easy, but that are in the best interest of the company. It may also involve taking a long-term perspective on business success, rather than pursuing short-term gains at the expense of long-term sustainability and ethical responsibility.

Overall, having a pure heart in a business sense means acting with a strong sense of purpose and values, and being committed to creating a positive impact on the world through one’s work and actions.

By engaging with current events and issues, we can create work that speaks to the pressing concerns of our time and contributes to broader conversations about art, society, and politics.

We would like to pursue opportunities for exhibitions, commissions, and collaborations with other artists and organizations, and at the same time become voices in the cultural world, using our work to comment on important social, cultural, or political issues, even using our platform to advocate for change, challenge established norms, or promote diversity and inclusion.

Ben and Valle

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